Detailed functions

All the controls you need

The Bitstream 3X features a lot of analog and digital controls, among which 35 knobs, 8 sliders, 16 buttons, a two axes joystick , a ribbon controller, a cross-fader, ...
Every control is available on 21 groups, so that 21 different MIDI events can be assigned on every single knob or any other control !

All these controls are fully programmable and thus allow the integration of the Bitstream 3X in any MIDI setup.

Multiple functions

The Bitstream 3X also features unique useful automation functions for on stage or studio purpose. Those functions allow you to make some tasks easier in order to focus on the music, among which you have a LFO, an advanced arpeggiator that you can use to generate amazing grooves, and an 8 tracks motion sampler.

100 scenes memories allow the user to call back any saved configuration in real time !

Transport functions take control of any software or hardware sequencer with dedicated buttons.

Multiple inputs and outputs

The Bitstream 3X has many MIDI and USB inputs and outputs.
So any control can generate MIDI events that can be routed anywhere you want, on MIDI or USB outputs.

The Bitstream 3X also features a SYNC-24 output that allow you to use and synchronize "vintage" synthesizers, a foot switch input, a MIDI Thru output, and an expansion port dedicated to connect the external control modules available soon here.

Standard Mode

The controller is already programmed with all the available control change (CC): they are assigned to every control of the Bitstream 3X. This mode is mostly targeted to control the new generation software's like Reason, Fruity Loops, Reaktor, Live and the other MIDI controllable software's.

No programming needed to control your software's !

Programmable Mode (User-Defined)

The programmable mode has been designed for power users who want to go further with their controller. This mode gives you full control over your Bitstream 3X, so you can configure every parameter through menus or the dedicated configuration software.
Among theses parameters, the user has access to Min & Max values of every control, curve evolving models, chained controls functions, SysEx, MIDI delays, and many more ...
This mode gives you an advanced control to every MIDI parameter, and it gives the user the possibility to assign a name/comment to every control, displayed on the LCD for a better ergonomics.

Propellerheads Reason Mode

In addition to the standard mode, the Bitstream 3X features a dedicated Reason mode, compliant with the Propellerheads remote technology, available from Reason version 3 and higher.

The Bitstream 3X is automatically detected and configured to fully control all Reason devices, with absolutely no programming.

Once the Bitstream 3X group is changed, the controlled device in Reason is also automatically changed, so the user has all knobs, sliders, buttons, ribbon, .. available for each device in Reason.

This Reason mode also features the jump-less hook mode available for all Wave Idea MIDI controllers.

>>Click to know more about the Reason remote technology

Mackie and Logic control emulation

Another on board mode is the ability to emulate a Mackie or Logic control.

These two additional modes allow the Bitstream 3X to emulate most of the functions of a Mackie or Logic control.
More and more software are compatible with the Mackie control, this means you plug your Bitstream 3X to these soft and it is automatically detected and configured (Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Protools, Ableton Live, ...)

Another benefit of the Mackie control emulation is the display of the Bitstream 3X which shows time code as well as channel metering.

For additional information regarding this emulation, please read this application note

Configuration software included

This intuitive user friendly software gives you access to the most advanced parameters of your Bitstream 3X. Using library of presets files, the user can create its own and download them to the Bitstream 3X to reconfigure it. Since the communication between the configuration software and the Bitstream 3X is using SysEx, no additional connector is required.
That means that the Bitstream can be re-programmed on-the-fly without having to stop your music, just by inserting those SysEx in any hardware or software sequencer.
More than 13,000 presets have been developed, covering the most used machines, samplers, synths, and software's !
Just choose your synths to control in the list of presets, click on Download : you're done !

Mac, PC and Linux version available

All versions are downloadable on this website.

Graphical LCD

The Bitstream 3X LCD gives you every information you need on stage or during a studio session in real time.
This 128x64 pixels LCD gives the Bitstream 3X all its dimension: finally a MIDI controller that features a real big display for on stage use !