Advanced functions

Detailed functions

"No-jump" analog behavior

All analog controls (knobs, sliders, cross-fader, ribbon) can be configured in "Hook" mode.
This mode prevents any undesirable jump when you switch groups. Until the physical position of an analog control reaches its value in the group, no MIDI message is sent. You can see that on the LCD while you're tweaking you controls.
This mode is the best alternative to motorized controls.

Digital behavior

Every digital control (buttons, foot-switch, ...) can also be configured in two modes : "Push" or "Toggle".
The "Push" mode generates a MIDI event on every change of state of the control, the "Toggle" mode sends a message every time you press a button for example.


The Bitstream 3X features 21 groups, which means that every control available on the Bitstream 3X can be assigned to 21 MIDI configuration. Switching from a group to another is simply done by pressing a front panel button.


The Bitstream 3X has 100 scene memories, also called "Snapshot". A scene memory is the instant "picture" of all the Bitstream 3X controls position. The user can save up to 100 scene memories and recall them at any time. This function is mostly dedicated to an on stage use of the Bitstream 3X.

Evolution curves models

Every analog control of the Bitstream 3X can be altered using seven models of evolution curves.
The evolution of an analog control can be chosen between the following models :

Linear (default)
Inverse linear
Inverse logarithmic
User 1
User 2

The curve model named « Random » sends a random MIDI value every time you move an analog control.

User 1 et User 2 curves are programmable, so you can assign any value to the 128 available positions through the configuration software.

Access to all MIDI parameters

In User mode, the user has full access to all the MIDI parameters assigned to the Bitstream 3X . Among them, the main parameters are :

Min & Max values
All MIDI events management
System exclusive (Sysex) management
Comment string definition displayed on the LCD
MIDI delays insertion
Dynamic or fixed MIDI channel generation
Creation of control groups with virtual cross-fader functions

Intuitive menus navigation

Accessing the different Bitstream parameters is done though configuration menus or via the configuration software on Mac & Windows

Firmware upgrader

A dedicated software allows you to update your Bitstream 3X firmware, either via MIDI or USB. This software is available for Windows & Mac.