Detailed functions

Groove generator

The Bitstream 3X arpeggiator is way more than a simple arpeggiator, it features many rhythms, accents banks, and a lot of parameters, among which :

Rhythm (selection of the rhythm model)
Accent (selection of the accent model)
Gate (length of the generated notes)
Melody (Generated phrase ensemble)
Transpose (Notes pitch)
Range (Notes range setting)
Resolution (Synchronization speed)
Direction (up/down/up-down/random/custom/...)
Synchronization (Keyboard, internal..)
Velocity (Notes velocity)
Swing (Groove)
MIDI Channel

All these parameters are accessible either through the automation dedicated knobs and buttons or by using the menus.

Advanced synchronization

The Bitstream 3X arpeggiator can work in stand alone mode, without any keyboard or any MIDI sequencer connected to it !

The Bitstream 3X can generate the real time events required for a rock solid synchronization, and is also able to generate the notes the arpeggiator needs, so the user just has to turn on the arpeggiator and the grooves are automatically generated and perfectly synchronized with your software or synthesizer.

The generated MIDI notes can be sent on the different MIDI and/or USB outputs, on the channel you choose, so your Bitstream can integrate any kind of MIDI setup

Real time Grooves

The different grooves can be changed in real time with dedicated knobs !
On stage for instance, adjusting your rhythm groove generated by the arpeggiator is simply done by changing the value of a knob : it's as easy as that !

All the grooves and accents are organized into style banks. With its 4 banks of 128 accents each, 4 banks of 128 rhythms each, 128 melodies, and all the other parameters, the possibilities have virtually no limits !

Easy to use

Using the arpeggiator doesn't require any musical or MIDI knowledge !

Turn on the arpeggiator
Choose different parameters if you want
Listen your grooves in real time

Arpeggiator scenes

From the firmware V1.8 and higher, the arpeggiator features 64 scenes that can be saved/restored in realtime.

Tweak arpeggiator parameters
Save arpeggiator settings to the different scenes
Now play with the arpeggiator scenes (Select scene and load it in realtime)

Listen some demos

Listen here how the Bitstream 3X arpeggiator can enrich your groove when connected to different synths

Drums triplet feel rhythm and accent mapped on a bass line
Drum track mapped on a swing on a sequence
Melodic line from a special fx
SFX arpeggio parameters
Slap bass melody change (articulations handled)
Slap bass full accent effect
Slap bass full gate effect
Slap bass random direction
Sliced loop melody change
Sliced loop rhythm change (overdubbed here a 4/4 beat as time reference)
Sliced loop direction change