Detailed functions

Many knobs, sliders & buttons

The Bitstream 3X features a large number of knobs, sliders and buttons, all fully programmable.


The cross-fader can generate two programmable MIDI events while moving just one slider.
Just like an analog mixer, this control can be used to do cross-fades between two audio tracks, or to adjust a pan or any other function

Ribbon controller

The Bitstream 3X features a ribbon controller
Simply place your finger over the ribbon controller active area and converts your finger movements into the MIDI event of your choice.
This control benefits all 21 groups of the Bitstream 3X, this means it is able to generate up to 21 different MIDI events without any re-programming.
An additional HOLD button allows to retain the controller value in any position when taking off your finger

A dedicated bargraph displayed on the LCD gives you a direct view of what you're doing, since this control is mostly targeted to an on stage use.


The joystick can also generate two MIDI events. It gives you a way to control two parameters in a very intuitive way. This way, you can control both the cutoff frequency and the resonance of a filter at the same time for instance. Of course this is just an example of the many combinations you can think of and that produce many amazing effects.

The joystick also has a push button that is programmable.