Inputs & Outputs


Detailed function

Large number of inputs and outputs

The Bitstream 3X can be integrated in any MIDI setup, thanks to its complete set of inputs and outputs, among which :

2 MIDI Out 1 & 2
1 MIDI Thru
1 SYNC-24 output
1 expansion port
1 foot-switch input
1 USB port (MIDI In, Outs 1 & 2)
1 power supply input

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MIDI and USB inputs

The Bitstream 3X features one standard MIDI input and one MIDI over USB input.
Each of these inputs can be used to synchronize the Bitstream 3X with any external sequencer.
Those inputs also have a "Merge" function, to merge in a smart way the incoming MIDI messages with the ones that are generated by the Bitstream 3X.
The destination of every received MIDI event or generated by the Bitstream 3X is configurable, so you can use it as a USB MIDI interface

MIDI Thru output

The output of MIDI Thru is the image of the MIDI In connector.
Available on most MIDI devices, it is used to not break the MIDI chain in a complex setup. It avoids the use of an external MIDI Thru box, often required in a complex MIDI setup.

MIDI and USB outputs

The Bitstream 3X has two MIDI outputs and two USB outputs. Each generated message or received by the Bitstream can be routed to any of these outputs for more flexibility.

That means that a knob messages can be routed to the USB 2 output for instance while the very same knob used in another group will send its messages to MIDI 1.

The configuration can be done through the Bitstream 3X menus.

Please refer to the manual for a complete schematic of the routing between MIDI and USB inputs and outputs

Sync-24 output

SYNC-24 as been used in vintage sequencers before MIDI was born
It synchronizes old machines like the Roland TB-303, TR-x0x, MSQ-700/100, Roland TR-909 and many famous others.
The Bitstream 3X features a SYNC-24 output, compatible with these instruments, this output is available on a DIN-5 output giving all the required signals to the vintage machines for a perfect synchronization.
The Bitstream 3X is able to generate SYNC-24 signals from real time MIDI messages received on any MIDI input (MIDI In connector or MIDI on USB) so you can basically also consider your Bitstream 3X as a MIDI to SYNC-24 and USB MIDI to SYNC-24 converter

Expansion port

The Bitstream 3X has an expansion port to be able to receive external control devices such as sliders, button, touch pads, joysticks..

As a new device is connected to the Bitstream 3X, it is automatically detected and is seen as any other control of the machine.

Foot-switch input

On this 6.35mm jack input, an external pedal can be connected, so you can generate on/off MIDI events just like any other front panel button.

USB port

The Bitstream 3X is fully MIDI over USB compliant, so no particular driver is required to use the Bitstream 3X on your USB port.

Just connect your Bitstream 3X on a Mac or a PC and you are ready to play

The two USB MIDI outputs and the input appear as new MIDI devices on your computer

This USB connector also powers the Bitstream 3X, so you do not need to use the provided external transformer when connected to a computer through USB.