Detailed functions

Waveform generator

The LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator or Waveform Generator) allows to generate different types of waves: sine, square, triangle, or random.

The wave generated by the LFO is considered as a potentiometer, and therefore can be inserted into any MIDI event defined by the user. This feature of the Bitstream 3X allows to automatize a MIDI control without tweaking it by hand, the value of the control is updated continuously and automatically.

Access to all parameters

All of these waveforms can be adjusted in real time in Amplitude, Offset and Frequency, this offers a flexible way to configure the parameter to control.

The MIDI events generated by the LFO can be assigned to the different MIDI and USB outputs of the Bitstream 3X.

As all the other Bitstream 3X automations, the LFO can be synchronized from the internal time base, as well as from the external MIDI or USB inputs, this allows to integrate the Bitstream 3X in any MIDI environment.