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Sound-On-Sound Magazine (Nov 2007) English 1.5 MB
Studio Magazine (Oct 2007) Sweden 1.3 MB
Audiofanzine French    
La bible de la musique sur PC (num 16) French 1.5 MB
Remix magazine (May 2007) English 800 KB
Keys (Feb 2007) German 1.0 MB

Feedback from Artists

Jochem Paap [ Speedy j ] :
Website :

"I have been using the 3x for a month now and it blows me away. this is by far the most advanced and flexible controller i have ever used, it is packed with features. still, it's very easy to edit the assignments. i love the customizable curves and the midi arpeggiator.
The fact that it now powers and operates via usb is a great plus too. it has quickly become an essential piece in both my studio setup and live setup"

T-Viruz :

Zhang Ya Dong :
Website :

"Bitstream is the best MIDI controller i have ever used"

David Moufang [Move D] :
Website :