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NeoSynth is an Audio/MIDI expander available as an expansion board for CME keyboards (UF and VX series). It provides high quality audio instruments and effects and adds great sonic possibilities to CME keyboards.

MIDI / USB expander
Up to 124 voices of polyphony
Built-in FX engines
Reverb, Delay, Eq, Chorus, ...
Up to 64 MB sound bank
Updatable sound banks from SD Card
Various music styles available
USB MIDI class compliant (no driver)
24 bits / 48 kHz audio paths
Main stereo audio output (24bits D/A)
Auxiliary stereo audio output (24bits D/A)
Headphones output
Analog stereo audio input (24bits A/D)
S/PDIF stereo audio output
Available for both UF & VX keyboards
Large MIDI implementation

and much more ...

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Compatible with CME keyboards series