Typical Applications


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With a complete set of audio connectors, UASC-1 will surely find a place in your application.

Gaming - MP3 - Audio CD & DVD

UASC-1 can be used to simply add high quality audio to your computer while playing games, listenning MP3s, internet radio, CDs or DVDs

No driver, no IRQ, no DMA configuration is required when using UASC-1 in this simple application, simply plug and play high audio quality with absolutely no configuration !

Music creation - Soft synthetizers - Professional audio

In addition to high quality audio, professional audio applications require low audio latencies. Using the generic Window & Mac USB drivers do not allow to reach inaudible latencies (Down to 30ms depending on the computer & software)

Wave Idea proposes additional drivers (ASIO) that allow to reach ultra low latencies, inaudible to the human ear !
Musicians who create computer based music will be able to easily install the UASC-1 ASIO drivers in order to reach very low latencies (Down to 4ms @ 48 kHz)