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Download here all the documents, drivers, ... relating to the UASC-1


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User's manual (version 1.0) 700 ko


If your audio application does'nt require very low audio latencies (MP3, Gaming, Audio CD, DVD, ...), you do not need to install an ASIO driver, the UASC-1 is plug & play with all Win & Mac OS.
Click here to get an overview of the UASC-1 measured audio latencies

ASIO Driver PC version 1.01 (98SE/Me/2k/Xp)
Down to 3ms audio latency (1) !

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ASIO Macos demo driver from Propagamma
Get your unlock code directly from Propagamma


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ASIO Driver MacosX
The UASC-1 can reach ultra low audio latencies without driver on MacosX (< 4ms)

(1) Audio latency mainly depends on the ASIO application, the computer OS, as well as the CPU performances.