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I'm looking for a USB Audio interface, that can be easily connected to my computer, in order to listen my favorite CD, DVD and MP3. Does UASC-1 answer to my needs ?
Yes, if you are not a music composer, you don't need to install any driver, you don't need to configure any IRQ, DMA ... Simply connect UASC-1 between the USB port of your Mac, PC or laptop and your amplifier and enjoy.
UASC-1 is Plug & Play with all generic audio drivers, and does not require any additional configuration for this simple application

What can I do with digital and optical inputs and outputs since I don't own any studio equipment ?
You can connect your DVD player or Minidisc digital or optical output to USAC-1 in order to record audio with absolutely no loss of quality. Indeed, recording from a digital source allows to avoid any loss of quality, resulting in a perfect digital sampling

Is UASC-1 compatible with my computer ?
Yes, UASC-1 is fully compatible with all computer featuring a USB port. It is plug & play with both Mac & PC, without any driver requirement

I don't understand technical stuff such as Bit depth, Signal to Noise ratio, Total Harmonic distortion and so on ... How can I compare UASC-1 audio quality with similar products ?
The best way to compare UASC-1 audio quality with similar products is to listen it. Technical specifications announced by the different brands is not synonym with audio quality. The best way is to go to your favorite retailer and ask for an audio demonstration. UASC-1 has been fully caracterized with all standard audio tests, resulting in an amazing audio rendering

I create music with my computer, using soft synth such as Reason, Reaktor, Rebirth, Fruity loops, ... Is UASC-1 compatible with these soft ? Is UASC-1 able to fully exploit these enhanced soft ?
Yes, UASC-1 is fully compatible with Mac & PC software that play and record audio. In addition, an enhanced ASIO driver is delivered with UASC-1, in order to reduce audio latency down to few milliseconds. UASC-1 is compatible with ASIO-2, MME and directX. Using the ASIO driver allows to transform your computer into a low cost studio

I have a Mac OS-X, do I need an ASIO driver to reach low latency ?
No, Mac OS-X doens't require an additional ASIO driver to reach very low audio latencies, we performed complete tests using this OS, and measured latencies lower than 4 ms with a standard Mac laptop

I have a Mac computer, could I use UASC-1 built-in digital volume control ?
It seems the USB Human Interface Device (HID) is not fully supported by all the Mac USB audio generic drivers. This could result in a non working UASC-1 embeeded digital volume control, depending on the Mac OS you are using. We are working on this point to make the UASC-1 built-in volume control independant on the Mac OS used. By the way, the volume remains fully controllable at the application level.

I'm a confirmed musician, I own a computer and hardware gears (synth, sampler, ...), is UASC-1 interesting for my professional application ?
Yes, UASC-1 features a complete set of Input and outputs (Analog, Digital, Optical, headphone). It is therefore able to be connected to your instruments digital and optical outputs, inputs, as well as to your amplifier analog input. In addition, any analog audio source can be connected to UASC-1 line input.
With the above connections, digital and analog recording and monitoring will become possible

What are the advantages of UASC-1 compared to similar products ?
Its inaudible audio latency, its execptional sound quality, combining ease of use. The compatibility with any computer without adding specific drivers. Its extreme portability (low dimensions, no power supply required, ...), the robustness of its aluminium case, ... simply listen it ...

Can I perform monitoring using the UASC-1 ?
Yes, from the ASIO driver version 0.7, the ASIO control panel allows to perform monitoring (a portion of the input signal is mixed with the output signal), monitoring is done at the ASIO driver level, resulting in a very low latency.

What is the UASC-1 expected audio latency ?
Once the ASIO driver installed, you will be able to reach inaudible audio latencies, we performed a lot of tests on different OS, CPU, and applications, here is a small table regrouping the results we measured:

Windows OS - Using Wave Idea ASIO driver V0.5-Beta

Win Xp (Celeron 800)
3 ms
Using Reason
Win 2000 (Pentium 450 MHz)
3 ms
Using Reason
Win Me
to be measured
Win 98 SE (Pentium 500 MHz)
3 ms
Using Reason

Mac OS - No driver or Propagamma ASIO driver

Macos X
3 ms
No driver, using Live
Macos 9
7 ms
Using Propagamma driver