Hand held portable studio

With its small dimensions, UASC-1 is very well suited for portable audio applications. No external power supply is required, UASC-1 works wherever you want

All-In-One audio solution

Use the digital input of UASC-1 to sample your CD, DVD, MiniDisc or DAT with absolutely no loss of audio quality .. UASC-1 features all the inputs & outputs required to cover all studio and home applications

Analog Ins & Outs
Digital In & Out
Optical In & Out
Headphone Out

Transform your computer

Plug UASC-1 to your computer, play with your favorite soft synth. UASC-1 will transform your computer into a real musical instrument, with ultra low audio latency and high quality audio.
Need a total control of your soft synth ? Check for the Bitstream Pro MIDI controller.

Turn your computer into a real - physical - musical - low cost - instrument, with only two Wave Idea products !